The company “Agrorus-Alliance” from the season of 2017 began an independent work under the supervision of its owner Zarev Vladimir Vasilyevich. In the process of interaction with customers, we came to the conclusion that the existence of two legal entities under the brand name “Agrorus” on the market causes inconvenience and difficulties. That’s why we decided on such a cardinal step – a change of name and visual representation.

Agreeing to change is always difficult, but it is necessary in a rapidly changing market and current trends. We are pleased with the possibility of updating to bring something better to our company.

Why Lysterra?

This rebranding is impossible without marketing research, therefore, having taken such an important decision, we could not not consult our customers, and conducted a survey based on which they chose their new image.

Lysterra (Listerra) is an abstract word that is built on association with plant growing, land and agriculture. Moreover, you know that for a long time our logo was a sheet that we transformed into a name to preserve the continuity and positive history of our brand. The new logo, in turn, symbolizes a stylized image of the germ, combined with the first letter of the name. He refers us to the notation of vegetation on topographic maps.

A brand is a promise that we give to our customers: the new name is modern and dynamic, and colors represent shoots and clear skies. We strive to be your reliable partner in obtaining high yields.

What awaits us next?

Rebranding is a system process that changes the company from within and opens up new opportunities. At the moment, we have become co-registrants of many effective and reliable drugs, and in our portfolio more than 40 names of pesticides, as well as adjuvants. In the season of 2017 new areas of our business began to develop actively: repellents, leaf fertilizers and seeds. But we do not stop there – in the process of registering more than 10 new products, the output of which we expect in the next 2-3 years. We are changing to become even better and more attractive for you.