LYSTERRA’s production site is located near Ryazan city (180 km South-East direction from Moscow), in the central part of Russian Federation.

The Ryazan production site consists of:

✓ 3 production buildings, 4th and 5th production buildings are at the stage of construction

✓ 6 warm warehouses with the total area of 3 670 square meters

✓ multiple administrative buildings.

The current site is equipped with modern state of the art machinery to better monitor the quality of our products. LYSTERRA’s production site also utilizes advanced technology to produce a novel LYSTERRA patented product protecting against toxic cyanobacteria. There is also a new facility, specializing in the production of WDG products and different micronutrient fertilizers (in both crystalline and granules preparative forms) designed to make logistics easier and to allow for an adaptable approach for export worldwide.

We are constantly moving forward with new ideas to grow and develop LYSTERRA’s Production site.

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