“The French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote the wonderful saying: “To love doesn’t mean to look at each other. To love means to look together in the same direction.” Here at LYSTERRA we look in the same direction as our customers and guide them step by step to success with not only premium quality high yields but also through economically viable financial cooperation. LYSTERRA tries to maintain mutual long-lasting positive relationships with its customers. We offer farmers comprehensive systems for major crops care and help them use the “one-stop shop” principle and buy necessary products from one manufacturer without wasting resources and time.


The name LYSTERRA comes from a combination of the Russian word LYST meaning leaf and TERRA meaning earth. Our name like our mission symbolizes our commitment to a healthy, productive, and fruitful planet.


We strive to deliver premium quality high yields for farmers without compromising the economic viability of our products.


At LYSTERRA, we have over 100 registrations for products ranging from from algaecides, fertilizers, bio products and pesticides, to compatibility and crop support agents. Such a wide range of products makes it possible to provide complete and effective protection against diseases, weeds, and pests for many types of crops in Russia and worldwide. Through our wide variety of products, we at LYSTERRA aim to give customers an opportunity to choose plant protection products that benefit their unique circumstances. Whether through quality, competitive prices, or variety, LYSTERRA ensures that consumers have the necessary tools consumers have the necessary tools to succeed.

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