VodaGuard O

VodaGuard O is the environmental answer to algae problems faced by many lake and pond managers and a key product in AgroShield’s portfolio of water control technologies. Formulated with the same “follow the bloom” technology, it concentrates the application where it needs to be. Imported and distributed in the United States by AgroShield, this sodium percarbonate ingredient becomes hydrogen peroxide when deployed in water. In essence, H2O becomes H2O2 adding additional oxygenation to most bodies of water and disinfects and purifies the water from harmful blue-green algae infections.

Active ingredient: Sodium Percarbonate.

Formulation:  Hydrophobic granules

Mode of Action: Patented follow the bloom technology deploys chemical at target area and lyse the agal bloom.

Benefits:  Ecologic alternative for the treatment of cyanobacteria or blue/green algae blooms. Increases Oxygen in the water body creating a healthier environment. Ease of use with basic PPE equipment and general knowledge.

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