LARIXIFOL, WE ( dihydroquercetin 50 g/l)

Biological immunomodulator, plant growth and development stimulator.

Preparative form: water emulsion.

Mechanism of action: Dihydroquercetin is a substance of natural origin that refers to antioxidants of natural origin. It is found in large quantities in the butt part of Siberian larch or Dahurian larch and belongs to the group of bioflavonoids. They are substances responsible for immunity, stress resistance, as well as for seed germination and plant growth processes. Larixifol promotes the activation of biochemical mechanisms responsible for resistance to adverse environmental factors, fungal and bacterial diseases.


  • promotes increase energy of seed germination and intensity of development of the root system;
  • increases resistance of crops to various stresses (lack of moisture, frost, mechanical damage, herbicide treatment, etc.);
  • inhibits development of some fungal and bacterial infections;
  • accelerates maturation and onset of biological and technological maturity;
  • contributes to disclosure of the maximum potential of culture;
  • promotes increase in productivity and quality of production.
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