Folirus Fruits

Fertilizer with NPK 13-5-26 and trace elements in the form of EDTA chelates, humic and fulvic acids

Preparative form: powder from gray to dark brown.

Warranty period of storage: 3 years from date of manufacture in undamaged, tightly closed original packaging.

Folirus Fruits


  • stimulates the process of photosynthesis
  • enhances the development of the measles system
  • promotes the growth and development of plants
  • helps prevent plant lodging

Application period: throughout the growing season.

Possible crops: fruit crops.

✓ Humic substances (humic and fulvic acids) are natural compounds with a long molecular chain. They are found in soil, peat, as well as brown coal, silt, lignin and sapropel. Natural humic substances and acids have a rather complex structure and a large molecular weight. Humic and fulvic acids have a powerful effect on plants due to unique natural composition on which the whole creation is built. They contain a complete set of minerals, macro and microelements, polysaccharides of natural origin and isoflavonoids.

✓ Humic substances contribute to plant growth, development, productivity, resistance to stress. High biological activity of humic and fulvic acids plays an important role in ensuring biological productivity of the soil-plant system. Root formation is activated under their action. Humic and fulvic acids effect positively on all phases of cell mitotic cycle and increase in the values of mitotic index by 1,5 times. Humic and fulvic acids enhance plant organism’s protective functions, which are most exhibited in extreme conditions. They are also non-specific activators of plant immune system, that influences significantly on the increase of plant resistance to various diseases. Due to complex effect on plant, humic and fulvic acids contribute to an increase in yields and improve product quality.

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