Folirus 11:7:34 Amino

Fertilizer with NPK 11:7:34, trace elements in the form of EDTA chelates and L-amino acid complex

Preparative form: powder of light pink color.

Warranty period of storage: 3 years from date of manufacture in undamaged, tightly closed original packaging.

Folirus 11:7:34 Amino

Application period: throughout the growing season.

Possible crops: grains, soybeans, rapeseed, corn, fiber flax, oilseed flax, sunflower, rapeseed, potatoes, sugar beet, table beet, fruit crops, pulses, vegetable crops, grape, white cabbage, gourds

Amino acids easily penetrate into plant cells during leaf and root processing, helping them to withstand negative factors, improving the process of photosynthesis, maintaining natural hormonal balance, and establishing nitrogen metabolism inside plants. L-amino acids increase immunity and degree of vitality and contribute to their rapid recovery under adverse conditions.

✓ Glycine:

  • increases chlorophyll concentration inside plants
  • regulates work of leaf stomata
  • participates in pollination
  • improves plant tolerance under stress
  • participates in pollination and fruit formation

✓ L -glutamine:

  • promotes better seed germination
  • is a source of chlorophyll synthesis inside plants
  • strengthens plant cell walls
  • is a building material to construct other types of amino acids
  • activates metabolic processes and restores water balance
  • promotes rapid fertilization of the ovary
  • improves plant vitality
  • has a positive effect on pollination and fruit formation

✓ L -arginine:

  • helps plants overcome stress
  • promotes penetration of nutrients into the root system
  • improves synthesis of hormones associated with the formation of flowers and fruits

✓ L -valine:

  • promotes rapid seed germination
  • increases resistance to adverse natural factors
  • speeds up pollination
  • improves taste of fruits

✓ L- tryptophan:

  • contributes to rapid formation of the root system
  • helps plants to cope with a stressful situation
  • prevents plant stunting
  • is the basic material providing synthesis of hormonal substances of the auxin type
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