FOLIMAR, P (Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, strain D203)

Bacterial fertilizer for grain, vegetable and fruit crops for pre-sowing seed treatment and spraying during the growing season.

Group by chemical nature: bacterial fertilizer.

Specific name: Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, strain D203.

Source of abjection of the strain: microflora of marine environmental objects.

Preparative form: milky-white powder.



  • increases resistance of plants to diseases by improving the immune system;
  • exhibits fungicidal and bactericidal properties;
  • increases stress resistance of plants and adaptability to adverse factors;
  • promotes development of the root system;
  • accelerates growth and development of plants;
  • strengthens cellular structure of roots and stems;
  • promotes increase in a yield and quality of production;
  • improves absorption of nutrients by plants through the soil and leaves;
  • accelerates ripening of grain and fruits;
  • increases content of sugars and vitamins in fruits and vegetables;
  • increases coefficient of use of nutrients by plants from organic and mineral fertilizers;
  • allows to reduce use of mineral fertilizers;
  • neutralizes acids, toxins, heavy metals in the soil;
  • improves soil structure;
  • environmentally friendly, safe for humans, pollinating insects and the environment;
  • use in organic farming systems is possible;
  • unique composition and recipe.

Application term: seed treatment (perfectly combined with inoculants for legumes) and seedlings before planting; leaf care throughout the growing season.

Compatibility: Compatible with most of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, growth regulators, liquid fertilizers Folirus, as well as adjuvants of the Agropol line.

In each case, it is necessary to check the components to be mixed for compatibility; incompatible with bactericides.

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