LYSTERRA is a Russian manufacturer of plant protection products.

This is a new name in the field of agrochemistry, although our company has been conducting history since 2005, and our head has been working on the Russian market since 1992. The richer our experience, the more different ideas and perspectives arise: in 2017, we decided to take such a drastic step as rebranding.

We live in a world of brands: we meet with them when we go out or open an email. LYSTERRA is the brand that you helped create. Based on the survey of our customers, we chose a new image. It’s important not just to be competitive in the market, but to do it with inspiration: our name is built on association with crop production and agriculture, at the same time it is light and dynamic, and the colors represent healthy shoots and clear skies.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step,” says the Chinese wisdom. We took this step, and we are glad to update our company to become even better and more attractive for you. Our goal is to provide effective solutions based on a deep understanding of the needs and tasks of Russian farmers. Under the new brand LYSTERRA, we have already expanded the range, and have also begun to develop new lines of business, including repellents, leaf fertilizers and seeds. And we do not stop there – in the near future we plan to bring to the market more than 10 new products, and we are constantly analyzing not only Russian but also global trends in order to bring something interesting to you.

The past has ended yesterday, the future begins today!

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